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Eric Gilbert
Assistant Professor | Interactive Computing
I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. I joined the Georgia Tech faculty in 2011 after finishing a Ph.D. in CS at Illinois. Our work here is supported by grants from Yahoo!, Google, the NSF and DARPA. I've also founded several social media sites, and my work has received four best paper awards and two nominations from ACM's SIGCHI. One of my favorite activities in life is drinking coffee while hanging out on the internet.
current students
Eshwar Chandrasekharan
PhD Student | CS program
I am a PhD student in Computer Science. I received my BTech and MTech (Dual Degree) in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I am interested in exploring online social phenomena by studying the language used in social media. I love basketball, coffee and poor jokes.
Chaya Hiruncharoenvate
PhD Student | CS program
I'm a PhD student in Computer Science. I received my BS in Computer Science and MS in Very Large Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. My interests belong in the area of social computing. I currently look at the issue of censorship on Chinese social media. Outside of school, I'm an air travel enthusiast. I also like to cook and bake!
CJ Hutto
PhD Student | HCC program
I'm a doctoral student in Human-Centered Computing (HCC), specializing in Social Computing. I have a B.S. in Human Factors & Systems Engineering from Embry-Riddle, and an M.S. in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from GA Tech. My HCC research has a strong computational social science focus � I analyze human behavior within social media and attempt to model/predict aspects of real world behavior, psychology, and culture.
Tanushree (Tanu) Mitra
PhD Student | CS program
I am a PhD student in the Computer Science degree program, specializing in Social Computing. My interests lie in studying computer mediated social behavior, network interaction content (e.g. emails, tweets, search queries) and social network analysis. When I am not working, I like sketching, cooking spicy food and dreaming of playing my violin in orchestras.
Samyukta (Sam) Sherugar
MS Student | HCI program
I'm a master's student of Human Computer Interaction. I am interested in understanding the behavior of humans online so that I may design better user experiences. I am currently designing and evaluating a UI to learn users' perception of censorship on social media. Outside of all this- I like to cook, dance and fall in love with old movies.
Saeideh Bakhshi
PhD Student | CS program
I defended my PhD on July 2014 and currently work as a research scientist in Yahoo Labs. I am interested in understanding users and how they interact with online content. My research is at the intersection of social computing, data mining and HCI. I love to write code, drink good coffee and read good books.
Catherine Grevet
PhD Student | CS program
I defended my PhD in February 2016 and now I'm a UX Researcher at Yik Yak. I'm interested in facilitating online communication and building prototypes towards that goal. I completed my B.A. in Computer Science at Wellesley College in 2009. I like eating good food and playing board games with friends.
Gabriel Perez
MS Student | CS program
I obtained an M.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Social Computing from the social.comp lab. While at the lab, I built with Professor Gilbert, Nothing to Hide; a GMail extension that utilizes common ground encryption to secure email. I also built Curioso, a platform for men to get personalized style advice from other men. I'm passionate about the intersection of entrepreneurship, language education and social computing. In my spare time I love to hang out in the Internet, read books and study Japanese.
Husayn Versee
MS Student | CS program
I'm a Master's student in Computer Science specializing in Machine Learning. I also got my B.S. in Computer Science from Georia Tech. I am interested in building new social media tools that improve user experience and engagement. I have built a social network where users could vent their anger and bond over their dislikes and frustration. I am passionate about web applications and spend a lot of my free time experimenting with web based technologies.