Design Project Presentations

CS 8803: Social Computing
Professor Eric Gilbert

Format:5-page project report + 10 – 12 minute presentation
Percentage of Grade:25% + 5% for presentation itself
Team size: tbd
Grading Criteria:
Actually having something working.
Quality of problem statement.
Thoughtful use of course readings in presentation.
Insight into social computing issues.


You are free to choose whatever idea you like for the presentation. However, I encourage you to draw from the pitches you have already made to the class. You've heard feedback from the instructor and from the other students. You got an initial concept out and heard our reactions. This can help you focus on the most interesting parts of your idea.

If you choose to go with something you already pitched, you don't have to meet with me. However, if you want to present something no one has laid eyes on, please set up a time to see me. This will save you time as we won't spend your Q&A time discussing, for example, why on earth you did this project. :-) I am open to anyone who wants to discuss their project. Email to work out a time.

Problem Statement

Your presentation should open with a short (i.e., < one minute) description of the problem you are trying to solve. This should be easy if you pick a pitch you've already made. You simply need to remind us of your problem. If you choose something you haven't pitched in the past, then you can spend up to two minutes on the problem statement. You are free to resuse any of your presentation materials from earlier in the class.


The heart of your presentation (i.e., 5–8 minutes) is a demo. You need to get something actually working. Like I've said in class, it can be kludgely and buggy, but it has to demonstrate something interesting in code. The specifics of particular implementations differ, but based on many of the pitches, I would recommend that many of you take a look at Greasemonkey if you want to modify an existing site (e.g., change affordances for Facebook comments). With your permission, I would like to compile the projects on the web for other people to see. Please keep that in mind as you build.