Article Responses

CS 4472/6470: The Design of Online Communities
Professor Eric Gilbert

Due:Before the beginning of each class
Format:online post (see below)
Approximate Length:Four to six paragraphs
Percentage of Grade:25% total
Grading Criteria:
  • Writing
  • Insight into readings
  • Graded on coarse 50-60-70-80-90-100 scale

For each class session, I post articles and book chapters. Please come to class prepared to discuss them. Before each class you will write a short response to the session's readings and then post a response on our class blog. You'll receive an invitation to join the blogging site site by email. Please contact the instructor or the TA if you have not received an invitation shortly after our first class.

For example, when we read The Great Good Place, you might write about how a new internet community compares to a third place in real life. You can write about whatever interests you; hopefully, it will interest everybody else too. *grin* Your posts will be viewable by everyone in class, but sheltered from the rest of the internet. A typical response is about three paragraphs long.

You must tag each reading response with your GT ID (the login one). Otherwise, we may not be able to attribute the post to you during grading.

Write your responses: class tumblr.
The password is announced in class. Please do not re-post.