Project Proposals

CS 4472: The Design of Online Communities
Professor Eric Gilbert

Format:Email to professor
Approximate Length:One page
Percentage of Grade:Counts as a homework assignment

Your proposal should include:

  1. The name and address of your site.
  2. Why you think this site is worth studying--what is interesting about it?
  3. Any special ethical risks of studying the site.
    Is this a vulnerable populuation? Are there likely to be children on the site? Explain any special risks, and how you intend to handle them.
  4. The names and email addresses of your three team members. Grad students must group with grad students, and undergrads with undergrads.

Please follow the guidelines for site choice and appropriate behavior, and think carefully before choosing a 'dark' site (one with aggressive/flaming/inappropriate behavior or content).

The instructor and TA are happy to give you feedback on possible site choices. However, please investigate the site yourself a bit before emailing us and asking us to look. Make sure it is active. A bulletin board with less than 50 posts a day may be too quiet to study.