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CS 8803: Social Computing
taught by Eric Gilbert | typically every fall
In this class, we will explore how and why social computing works. What's the right way to design social computing systems? What sense can you make out of all the data people leave behind? What's still out there to build?
CS 8001: Social Computing Seminar
led by Amy Bruckman & Eric Gilbert | typically every fall
Amy and I lead this reading group that focuses on recent and important social computing papers. Time is arranged, and students lead at least one paper discussion during the term. Like many seminar courses, the tone is relatively informal and completely discussion based.
CS 4472: Design of Online Communities
taught by Eric Gilbert | typically every spring
Online communities are becoming an increasing part of how we work, play, and learn. But how are they designed? What are they really good for? Why are some communities more successful than others? What are the key issues in this field of research?