We're the comp.social lab at Georgia Tech.
We build and study social media.
modeling factuality
acl 2014 paper

We obtain annotations of perceived certainty of quoted statements in Twitter. We find that readers are influenced by linguistic framing devices, not other factors, e.g. sources, journalist.
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faces engage us
chi 2014 paper

This work finds that photos with human faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments on Instagram, regardless of age and gender of the faces.
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Follow Predictors on Twitter
chi 2013 paper

We compare variables related to social behavior, message content, and network structure in order to interpret their relative impact to follower growth from different theoretical views.
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phrases that signal hierarchy
cscw 2012 paper

Hierarchy fundamentally shapes how we act at work. In this paper, we explore the relationship between the words people write in workplace email and the rank of the email's recipient.
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The comp.social lab is led by Eric Gilbert, an Assistant Professor in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing. The lab focuses on the design and analysis of social media. We like puppies, mixed methods and new students (particularly MS).